In 1999, Bboyworld was created with a mission to preserve, protect,
promote, and advance the basic principles and original traditions of the
bboy art form (first laid by its pioneers in the 70’s). Today, that mission
remains the same.

Bboyworld was founded by Erwin Mahroug, with help from Trevyn Meijer.
Erwin, a bboy himself, recognized the underground nature of the culture and
the difficulty of socializing or communicating with others within it.
Thirteen years ago, bboying wasn’t as big as it is now, and information
about it (history, live footage, events) was shared mainly by worth of
mouth and VHS tapes. However, the internet generation was on the rise, and
being a formal IT student as well, Erwin came up with an idea that would
revolutionize the way bboys could share information, and hopefully inspire
new generations of bboys around the world.

Before Facebook, Myspace and Youtube, Bboyworld connected bboys and bgirls
from all different parts of the world through an online message board, or
“forum”. This forum provided access to real-time information on all things
related to bboy culture, with just a click of a mouse. People from any
country were finally able to quickly and easily correspond with each other.
In creating this online community, Bboyworld provided aid to the new
generation of bboys/girls (needing direction, but not knowing where to find
it) as well as the older generation (needing encouragement/motivation or to
pass on their legacy).

Bboyworld has worked with many leaders of the scene, offering them a medium
with which they could pass on their knowledge to the newer generation,
preserving the true essence of the art form through their written words as
well as media documentation.

By archiving information posted by first generation bboys, Bboyworld
provided the world with publicly accessible history and knowledge of the
dance, protected from and untainted by mainstream media. Bboyworld’s “event
listing” has freely promoted events all over the world and has been an
integral resource for info about upcoming Bboy events. People can view
results from events through footage and through written articles, as well
as promote themselves/their crew online. With this convenient new resource
of archived information, especially footage, many scenes were challenged to
step their game up to remain competitive with the rest of the (bboy)
world’s growing skill and creativity.

Advancement in skill as well as in professionalism for individuals within
the bboy scene has been an important goal of Bboyworld. With the creation
of the Bboyworld team as well as an event like Evolution, the opportunity
to interact and connect with people outside the U.S. through bboying was
made more attainable.

Since its birth, Bboyworld has grown to become a site with membership of 7
figures and has successfully connected countless bboys and bgirls with each
other on a global level. Preservation, protection, promotion and
advancement- this is the framework of the vehicle that is Bboyworld, from
99-infinity, keeping the bboy legacy alive.