Break Mission Documentary

Break mission is a collaborate effort between Russell David
“Footloose” and Justin “JustRoc” Lie. Both having the same vision of
“giving back” to the community around them through their bboying
(break dancing) passion.

The original concept of break mission was inspired by a Break Dance
event held on October 9th 2010 in the Bronx (New York).
Hosted by bboy ABY from The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew (TBB).
Break mission’s vision is to provide free entry to all participants and
spectators attending the event. The only catch is that people must bring
non perishable goods ( canned foods / clothing ) as their entry.
The goods will then be given to a local charity organization.
Wood Street Mission in the centre of Manchester city is currently the
organization that Break Mission will donate to.
The theme – “Donate to Participate”Participants and spectators who attend the
event must bring something they are willing to recycle.
The whole concept is to create an atmosphere of sharing, connecting and making
new friends.
this jam is not only about the competition, but the underlying message of
giving back to the community through supporting each other.
Some of us just want to relax, socialize, and enjoy a good show!
By going beyond the competition, we are able to further express ourselves and
appreciate each other as individuals.
With the items that are left over, our break mission staff will take the
items and ensure that it will be put to good use. Whether it be donated to
Wood street Missions or actually recycled, we will do the dirty work! Plus
we will continue our video recording of everything that we do to show the
entire process. The charity does not want people coming to the event
to “spend” money rather utilize what they already have at home to be re-cycled.

Since we started in January 2012, we have held 7 successful volumes of
Break Mission Charity Jam in Manchester, UK. As well as that there have
been 2 hugely successful editions over in Malaysia as well as China,! And
the most recent one has been held in the Bronx New York, with help of TBB
crew. We aim to bring this event to more countries and more places in the
future so that other communities can benefit from us.


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