Most of you are probably aware by now that breaking has been accepted into the Youth Olympics in 2018.
Here at Bboyworld we are very excited with this development as this will provide a platform for current and future dancers and officially recognize them as athletes.

The Youth Olympics will bring numerous opportunities for the Bboy / Bgirl community worldwide as there will be a need to prepare, train and coach aspiring Olympians both physically and mentally for the pursuit of Olympic gold. Soon we will start to see an increased interest in our culture as well as registrations for dance classes around the world. All of this will bring economic benefits on multiple levels within our culture.

Currently the WDSF is in talks with several people from our community ensuring that the traditions and values of our culture are respected and preserved. Bboyworld fully supports WDSF and we are looking forward to seeing a bright future being built for our new generation of supreme athletes.


Erwin Mahroug

Bboyworld President





Underdog MC Vladee sets the record straight


A few years ago Mc Vladee started organizing events, many established promoters saw him as a underdog.
Mc Vladee hard work and dedication were fruitful alto his first event only had 100 attendance.
After some tweaking and modifying the concept his event began rapidly began to grow from 100 to 20 000 people.
The rest is history. His last event featured busta rhymes and the legendary Grandmaster flash

Mc vladee belongs in the Top of urban culture promoters in the world. we from bboyworld wanna give Mc vladee a big shoutout and keep building!!

for more information visit:



While “The get down” is hot on Netflix, We have helped evolve our art form into new heights, its that time of the year!! dust off your shell toes kicks ;), after several qualifiers world wide, dance teams from all over the world will attend, the 20th year anniversary of the Pro/Am bboy world championships, who will be crowned champion!!
Will it be The Netherlands?, Ukraine or korea or will the trophy stay home in the USA, come and witness!
Limited tickets available get yours now!!!



Las Vegas resident Vincent Foster, 49, died at UMC, according to the Nevada Highway Patrol.

NHP’s preliminary investigation said the collision occurred about 11:45 p.m. when a white 2015 Toyota Scion XB taxi that was eastbound on Spring Mountain Road collided with a bicycle being driven by Foster against a “no walk” signal near Mel Torme Way.

“The taxi had a green light and proceeded eastbound toward the intersection,” the news release stated. “Foster was on a bicycle and traveling from the north side of Spring Mountain to the south in a marked crosswalk. The pedestrian disregarded the “No Walk” signal and rode into the path of the taxi resulting in a collision.”

Foster was ejected from the bicycle and transported to UMC Trauma with life-threatening injuries. He died Friday.

A man driving the taxi driver on scene and cooperated with the investigation. The taxi did not have any passengers and the driver was not issued a traffic citation.



This year Evolution world finals will take place Dec 3rd 2016 in Miami Florida.
This year we will collaboration with the Legendary Pro Am, Pro Am will celebrate its 20th year anniversary, Pro am is a house hold name in the scene, Pro Am  has shaped competitive breaking what we know today, many other promoters have use  the Pro Am blue print to build there event. Who can roast the most  will also join the Festival week.
Legendary Miami bboy, Bebe and founder of WCRTM will host his event in the same weekend, Bboys from all over the world have confirmed that they will attend this crazy 3 day festival weekend!!!



Respect In Peace -The Sad State of R16 Korea


Dearest fans, supporters and participators of the R16 Global Series,
I regret to inform you that the Korean government has cancelled the funding for R16 as a whole and without government support, it will not be possible to hold the R16 World Finals in Korea. This came as a very big shock to us as this year was going to be our Tenth anniversary and we had many plans to make this special. As much as you may feel upset or disappointed, please understand that the Korean government has never supported any event over 4 years, while R16 was supported for nine years! However, it must have been more and more difficult for them to prove that R16 is benefiting “Korean tourism”, which is where the budget comes from. Also perhaps with the Winter Olympics coming to Korea, may have also had an affect on the “tourism budget” as well.
Legendary battles

What saddens me the most, is the fact that R16 was the last annual large scale international event held in Korea. I only first heard about the country of Korea back in early 2000’s from the Korean bboys when they were making noise around the world. The whole worldwide Bboy community looked to Korea, as they had some of the biggest sponsored events the world ever seen, it gave many Bboys “hope” in a progressing Bboy future.

Hope… That’s what R16 meant to me, and I’m sure many young Bboys around the world may have felt the same.

So it saddens me to say, that it looks as though there will not be an R16 tenth year anniversary in Korea, however to be clear, we have found another option. The R16 World Finals will be moved to another country in Asia… Taiwan on December 10th 2016 (The weekend after Red Bull BC One World Finals in Japan).
The Bboy scene in Taiwan has grown to such a high level in the past few years and if there is any country in Asia that has the potential and government support to keep this battle alive, it’s definitely Taiwan. Although the overall budget won’t be the same as it was in Korea, this is going to be a fresh start for R16, beginning with a 4 on 4 Bboy battle however bringing it back up to 16 countries!
Saving this event could not have been done without all our event partners around the world who insisted to keep on going. The R16 World Finals will be moving every year or two to other countries who have interest in hosting the world finals. Also, the Korean Tourism Organization (the official owners of the R16 brand) believes that we may be able to bring R16 back to Korea in the coming years!
If you would like to help, you can send a sincere petition to the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism (MCST) of Korea to continue and preserve R16. Please remember to be respectful, and include why you believe that R16 should not come to an end, the impact R16 and Korean Bboys had on you AND the world. If the Korean government can know how big and influential Korean Bboying has on the rest of the world, perhaps they may continue to support.
When clicking on the link below, you will need to download the petition application form. If possible, please send any other file or picture you might have to show your love and support, or if you have even traveled to Korea before, send a picture to show that R16 has indeed brought tourism to Korea. If you haven’t been to Korea before, you can also make a pledge to come to Korea for a visit someday for R16 or a simple visit. Please click on the MCST contact / petition page here:
Respect in Peace

Whether or not R16 continues, scales down, moves to another country or ends now or in the near future, on behalf of Cartel Creative and all the R16 Global Championships, I just want to sincerely thank everyone for your participation, support and love that you show us for the past 9 years. Please do not give up on the dream of a professional Bboy future where our culture, artform, dance and bboys can make a decent sustainable living while being recognized, respected and valued by the entire world…
and I promise to do the same.
Much love and Respect,
– R16 Global Events Producer

Dyzee (Supernaturalz / R16)



Making guns and electric guitars is pretty impressive, but it seems as though the current boom in 3D printing advancements has found found a proper use. Well, a proper, somewhat poetic use which is currently in beta stage. Researcher and Instructables DIY project site team member Amanda Ghassaei has discovered a way to use the technology to turn any MP3 into a fully functional vinyl record.

amandass Continue reading

Jimmy and Brad Pitt have a “breakdance conversation” from the basement of 30 Rock in New York City.


They’re used to facing one another beneath the glare of studio lighting, but Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon found themselves in unfamiliar and significantly funnier territory on Wednesday evening.

The pair are given the chance to show off their breakdancing skills as they face-off for a body-popping contest in an empty garage.

With no dialogue, Brad and Jimmy apparently conduct a conversation through interpretive dance for the three minute video that aired on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.


Because i love breaking – Ricardo Fernandez Jr aka Bboy Speedylegs



In 1986, he came up with the name Hip Hop Elements for a live performance piece. In 1992, he launched the clothing line and started getting involved with community Hip Hop events. In 1996, Speedy Legs founded the Bboy Masters Pro-Am with Zulu Gremlin. It was the first and only annual battle in the United States at the time, the first Bboy conference in the world and the only event that innovated separate dance categories for Bboys, Bgirls, Crews, Poppin’, Lockin’, UpRockin’, Power Moves, Bonnie & Clyde, Veteran and Abstract dance styles.

While he mostly grew up in Miami, he spent the later half of the 1980′s and early 1990′s living in New York and pursuing his dreams of battling the originators of the dance. It was during this time that he grew close roots and won the respect of organizations like Zulu Nation and members of historical Bboy crews. While the scene in New York was dying out, Speedy Legs returned to Florida, started the Pro-Am with Zulu Gremlin, and put Miami on the map by inspiring a whole new generation of bboy superstars in crews like: Street Masters, Ground Zero, Flipside Kings, Skill Methodz, Illmatic Flow, Unique Styles, Mind 180, Future Force, Raw Meat and many more. His website, was also one of the first Hip Hop Dance websites on the net, up since 1999. Once the host of his own radio show and a DJ since 1987, Richard was constantly working as an entertainer and deeply involved with the community. Mr. Fernandez spent 15+ years teaching dance classes to underpriviliged children and young adults at centers like the Hollywood Police Athletic League, The Boys & Girls Club and various Miami recreation centers. Local newspapers and television stations have done story after story about his efforts to keep kids off the streets and involved in positive recreational activities.

7 Ways Pro B-Boys Earn A Living – By Dyzee Supernaturalz




One of the most pondered upon questions that many young adult B-Boys (and their parents) wonder is, how do professional B-Boys make a living? According to the “B-Boying Statistics and Research” Facebook research group, the second most common way that someone gets introduced into B-Boying, is through High School, the first being introduced by a friend. Eventually, as they grow older, they will at one point begin thinking about money and the pressures and responsibilities of life will inevitably kick in.

How Bboys started Breakin


Age started Bboying

Depending on the financial pressures and/or responsibilities of life, many B-Boys will then be forced to make a decision. Do they quit Breakin in order to pursue a time consuming career? Or do they find a regular job to sustain themselves while they continue to break as a hobby? Or possibly, can they pursue their dream of being a full time Professional B-Boy?

Firstly, we need to clarify what we mean when we say “Professional B-Boy”.  When we say Professional B-Boy, we are referring to a B-Boy who makes their primary living, strictly from being a B-Boy, as a career. This only includes work where one has to “Break”, not other aspects such as organizing events or selling merchandise.

So this Blog is aimed at answering the questions, as to how a professional B-Boy (or B-Girl) generates enough income to sustain themselves financially.

Before we begin, it must be noted that the majority of professional B-Boy’s do not make a lot of money.

The following poll on the B-Boy Statistics and Research page indicate that the majority of B-Boys who lived primarily off Breakin made a staggering less than $10,000 USD.

bboying income

So the majority of people, who live primarily from B-Boying, don’t make a lot of money. However, the B-Boys who do make enough money to sustain them also have the satisfaction of being able to do what they love for a living, which is priceless.

Never-the-less, even though there are people who make their living from actually “B-Boying”, the question is, are they doing the type of B-Boying work that they really want? Below is another poll from the B-Boying Statistics and Research Facebook group which illustrates what are the “Dream B-Boy jobs” of many worldwide.

Bboy dream careers

Without further delay, below is a list of the top 7 different ways a B-Boy can make a financial career from B-Boying.

bboy jobs

Teaching Classes

According to the B-Boy statistics and Research Group, the most common B-Boy job is to teach local classes. Teaching classes is the most common job because:

  1. You don’t have to be the best
    Even if you are an amateur; there are probably some rich “Wanna-B-Boys” who need someone to teach them the bare basics. There are also rich parents who need someone to babysit their A.D.D. children and get them to use up all their rambunctious energy.
  2. It can be more consistent
    You don’t have to wait for gig, emails or phone calls. You can get paid on a more consistent basis by setting up consistent programs.
  3. It’s local
    You don’t have to travel far when there are community centers or dance studios nearby.

The disadvantages of Teaching B-Boy Classes for a living are:

  1. Can be physically draining
  2. Might not like the students
  3. Tied to a contract and can’t travel

Either way, teaching classes is usually the first step to making money as a B-Boy. Just remember that, although it’s more consistent, it’s never 100 percent stable, as majority of classes have a start and end date, usually for 8-12 week segments. There are also sometimes cancellations of classes, but the great thing is, when you do teach classes, your always in shape, and only teaching for just a couple of hours a day, which can be your choice on how many classes you want to teach a day or week. If you want to try and fill up your schedule, you can definitely do it!

If teaching B-Boy classes is for you, than there are many ways to teach classes and in different places. As you become better at teaching classes, more doors may be opened to teach in more creative or prestigious places. Below are different places where B-Boys around the world teach classes, and it’s put in order of least to most experience:

  1. Community Centers / Youth Centers
  2. Dance Studios / Dance Academies
  3. High Schools / Elementary Schools
  4. Private Classes
  5. Colleges / Universities
  6. Youth Detention Centers

At first you might start off teaching for centers and schools. Eventually, you might get to the point where you begin creating “B-Boying programs”, and before you know it, you become a program director.  Or perhaps, you one day open your own studio or school!

Here are some tips to become a teacher in B-Boying:

  1. Write a lesson plan of what you are going to teach
  2. Write a resume, cover letter and mission statement
  3. Go to community centers and dance studios, asking if they are looking for beginner/ amateur B-Boy lessons instructors (be prepared to do a demo)

Average pay for teaching classes: $20-$60 per hour

B-Boy Showcases / Performances

Another very popular way of the B-Boy hustle, is to do showcases for money.  The benefits of showcases, is that it normally can lead to more work, and is a quick way to make some money in 5-10 minutes. The only down side, is you have to deal with companies and corporations that want to pay you as little as possible, and even if you have much experience, there will be other B-Boys and groups who undercut you for less pay. You also might have some waiting time between searching for shows to come up, so make sure you keep busy by continually practicing and upgrading your showcase skills.

Below are the types of showcases and Performances:

  1. Private showcases (Bar mitzvahs, Weddings, Birthday parties, etc,)
    These are the most common and will most likely start with people you know. This happens by referrals. Make sure to have a few business cards available.
  2. Corporate Showcases (Conferences, expos, demos, etc)
    Corporate shows usually have more money to spend on entertainment. However, being a corporation, they will try to spend a little as possible and get the most they can. You should also think the same way when working with them.  The less they want to pay, the less work you should do. If they want to pay the bare minimum, then do the shortest 2 person 3 minute crazy performance to keep them wanting to come back for more. Be prepared to show them what they’re paying for ahead of time as well. Just remember, if they think they can get the same thing you can offer cheaper from somewhere else, they most certainly will.  So make sure your performances offer something different.  Now if you have competition with another crew, try to meet with them and discuss standards, so that the companies are not playing you.
  3. Street Shows
    Believe it or not, street shows are one of Bboyings number one ways to make money. If the weather is nice, and there are many tourists, Street shows are the way to go. However, you need to learn the tricks of the trade, you need to be funny, entertaining, and learn to master the art of raking in that cash.
    Did you know: an entire underground scene of Street Hitting B-Boys exist in New York City which has little to no connection to the worldwide B-Boy community?

Mastering the art of showcases and performances can lead to many more opportunities. Not to mention, when performing for “non-bboys” you tend to keep up your “crowd pleaser game”. Eventually, your performance ability might lead you into the next level of performances…

Average pay for B-Boy Showcases: $200-$1000 per 5-10 minute showcase
Average profit for B-Boy street shows: $40-$100 per 5 minute performance, skit or freestyle


NYC B-Boy Tata after a day of Street Hitting, counting his earnings

Theatre Performances

Unlike regular performances, Theatre performances are on a large bigger scale and can usually involve having to gain other skills and talents such as acting. Usually, large production theatre performances, have high budgets to pay their performers, and are often more than a “one time gig”. It’s in their best interest to take care of their performer’s health, as your ability to perform to the best of your ability, is in the shows best interest.  Some performances are local and show only in one venue, while other Theatre performances travel on tour. Either way, if you made it this far, it’s because you have earned it. Signing up for a theatre show or getting booked to go on tour can be long and strenuous, but after the tour is done, you usually have a large lump sum of cash which you will need to stretch out until your next tour.

If you want to join a theatre show, keep your eyes and ears open for casting calls. Normally, anyone can audition.

Another road you can go is to create your own theatre performances. This way, you have free reign to choreograph your own theatre piece, with your crew.

If this is one of your dreams to start your own Theatre show:

  1. Search for government grants and apply for art funding
  2. Simply create the show yourself, rent the venue, and sell admission tickets.

Average Theatre performance pay: $200-$500 per performance (x number of shows per tour)

As you and/or your groups name gets bigger and recognized for your skills and “entertainment value”, you might enter into a new realm.

Entertainment Industries

The commercial entertainment industry is where a lot of the money is, and currently, is the biggest money maker for B-Boying. This is the reason why many of the best B-Boys from a country, will move to the entertainment capital or district such as Hollywood , Seoul, etc.

Different types of jobs that are available in the commercial industry are:

  1. Commercials and Advertising
  2. Movies
  3. Back up dancers / Choreographers
  4. Television shows

If your primary goal is to make money through the entertainment industry, you will have to:

  1. Live in the entertainment capital
  2. Seek out a good casting / talent agency

The advantages are:

  1. The Money
  2. the Fame
  3. The lifestyle

The biggest disadvantages are:

  1. The money, fame & lifestyle
  2. Compromising your values (selling out)
  3. Dry times (not getting casted)

Average pay per Entertainment industry gig: $5000-$20,000

Impression You-got-served-poster

Now if your skills are really high, and you feel that the entertainment industry is not for you because you want to stick to the roots and culture of B-Boying, then you may be able to make a career from the actual culture itself, which is:

Judging Competitions:

B-Boying competitions have grown to a level all around the world, from large world championship competitions, all the way down to local grass root community events.  The supply and demand for Judges is constant. As a matter of fact, for many Professional B-Boys who live primarily through the culture, being invited to judge competitions is their main source of income.


  1. Paid travel, hotel, and food for weekend duration (not spending money)
  2. Best seat in the venue to watch battles
  3. Very little amount of work (usually only one judges showcase)


  1. Ego getting big from sitting on the judging throne
  2. Spend too much time away travelling
  3. Can get boring watching too many battles
  4. Begin losing skills because lack of training time
  5. People hating on you because of your opinion
  6. B-Boys undercutting you for Judging gigs

Being an international judge is an honorable position in the B-Boying community. This means that there are people who actually value your opinion or expertise. All you have to do is not mess it up!

To become an international judge, you will need one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Be a game changer in the scene
  2. Be a contributor to the development of B-Boying moves or styles
  3. Be a respected member of the international B-Boy community for 15+ years
  4. Prove you know what it takes to be a winner by winning battles
  5. Have a lot of political friends in high places

How to mess it up:

  1. Be difficult to work with (having a big ego, getting into trouble, demanding too much, etc)
  2. Being biased towards one approach (should have an open mind where all types of B-Boys will see you as a fair judge)
  3. Irresponsibility (ex. Missing flights, cancelling gigs)

The truth is that there is now way to regulate who can judge or who can’t, and thus has always been a major problem in the community. Marketing yourself beyond just your own city is a first step, and making a name internationally should be your main goal.

Average international judge pay: $500 – $1200 per weekend
Average local judge pay: $50-$150 per event

judges (1) judges

If you made it to becoming an international judge, then you can begin moving onto the next major way professional B-Boys make income.

Master Workshops

Most B-Boys who have been travelling, battling and judging in the world wide B-Boy community will at one point be asked to teach a workshop.  If you are able to build a strong reputation for teaching great workshops and knowledge, there can be a lot of money to be made from Master Workshops.


  1. Premium pay for a single class
  2. Extra income aside from judging
  3. Possible Workshop tours, sharing knowledge, experiences and secrets
  4. Paid travel, accommodations and food to travel and dance with the next generation of B-Boys


  1. Away from home longer amounts of time
  2. Other B-Boys learning your moves and secrets (Bad if you are still competitive)

To become a Master workshop teacher, you need to:

  1. Become an international renown judge
  2. Market yourself as a master teacher (make sure everyone thinks and says this about you)
  3. Align yourself with top B-Boys whom you can claim responsibility for having made them who they are. (hopefully it’s true)

Becoming a Master Workshop Teacher should become a retirements B-Boy plan, when one retires from competitive battling.  Also, one should have an understanding family who will allow them to travel for long amounts of time.

Average Master Workshop pay: $200-$500 per 1.5hr to 3hr workshop OR $10-$50 per student

Before being a judge and a master workshop teacher, one should first become a respected B-Boying through “Battling” which is not only the statistically lowest paid (and riskiest) aspect of B-Boying, but also is the dream job if one can make a living from it.



According to B-Boying Statistics and Research Facebook group poll, the dream job, if someone can make a living by doing any job through Breakin, the number one choice is to make money strictly from Battling, representing and bringing honor to your crew, your city, and/or your country.

Bboy dream careers

While representing for glory, honor and respect is majority the reason why one gets into B-Boying in the first place, this aspect of B-Boying is actually the lowest paid job, mainly due to the fact that, you have to win in order to get paid. The higher the cash prize, usually the higher the competition level.

MorrisAs a matter of fact, although there are a small handful of B-Boys who might make the majority of their income from prize money (such as Morris Fallen Kingz / Supernaturalz), the main reason for Battling is to get to a level where you’re asked to judge and eventually teach master workshops.

For many, this is the sad truth about doing exactly what you love to do and getting paid for it, however…

With the rise of the Pro-B-Boy movement (professional B-Boy movement), there are now a handful of B-Boys who received a sponsorship endorsement for being the top competition B-Boys in the world, namely, the Red Bull BC One Allstars. These 10 B-Boys are paid a monthly salary to just practice, as well as financial incentives for placing higher in world prestigious competitions.

bc one allstars

Recently, Monster Energy also decided to put together their own sponsored team called the “Monster B-Boys”.

monster bboys 3

Average sponsored athlete: $1800-$2500 monthly salary/ $200-$1000 for placing anywhere from quarter finals to 1st place

Although the Red Bull BC One All-stars and the Monster B-Boys aren’t specifically paid to “just battle”, this has opened up a new world of “Endorsed B-Boys”. Perhaps in the future, B-Boys will be endorsed to just battle, much like professional MMA fighters are paid to fight, and professional teams are paid to just play, this might be the future for B-Boying competitions.

Until that day, you have to keep believing in a Pro B-Boy future. For many B-Boys who started in the 90’s and earlier, they would have never believed that B-Boying would grow to what it is today. For now, if you decide to live the B-Boy lifestyle, you are going to have to make some sacrifices, such as not making so much money, or moving to the entertainment capital, training for shows instead of battles, etc. Just know that there are people out there making sacrifices of their own to create a Pro B-Boy future, and won’t stop until the B-Boy culture has become official, united and recognized worldwide, and there will be more than 7 ways Pro B-Boys can earn a living.



– Dyzee
R16 Global Series

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