“Going Away Jam” sponsored by Silverback Bboy Events and sanctioned by the Pro Breaking Tour



To close out the 2013 calendar year, Philadelphia celebrated three of its local bboys as they journey onward in their adult lives. The “Going Away Jam” was created to honor bboys Juan, Knuckles, and Lem as they embark to the United States Army. Each individual has provided major contributions to the scene, such as representing Philadelphia at the North American Red Bull BC One Championships, organizing staple events for Philadelphia and its surrounding scenes, and mentoring the younger generations of bboys and bgirls in the region. It was great to see these three off in an environment where they thrive most, the biggest bboy jam to hit Philadelphia in 2013!

Sponsored by Silverback Bboy Events and sanctioned by the Pro Breaking Tour (www.UDEFtour.org), the “Going Away Jam” offered a prize pool energizing the breaking community. The intentions were to elevate the quality of the event and fashion an environment paying tribute to the three honorees. The bboy community certainly responded with powerhouse names such as Kamel (Boogie Brats), El Nino (Floor Lordz), Gravity (5 Crew Dynasty), Ynot (Rock Steady Crew), and Fenix (Joyeux Loufoux), among many others coming out to catch wreck in the competition and cyphers. There were legends, past and present, in the building and all recognized they were a part of something very special. The air in the room was electric and that energy lit up the cyphers with excitement.

With such high stakes, every dancer brought their “A” game. Preliminary throw downs from competitors Toyz (Lionz of Zion), Pete Nasty (Repstyles), and Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers) established they had their eyes set on glory. The energy created a lasting vibe as the competition progressed with first round knockouts shocking the audience. In the first battle of the “Top 32,” Bgirl Macca (360 Flava) took out Bboy El Nino (Floor Lordz)! It was a great exchange but Macca’s flava prevailed in the eyes of the judges. This battle set the bar for what would ensue throughout the rest of the brackets.

Going Away Jam Brackets

The turnout was far beyond anyone’s expectations, with 100 competitors from the U.S., Europe, and Asia seeking a piece of the $7,080 prize pool. Everyone who qualified for the “Top 32” in the 1-vs.-1 battle received prize money! Even the four “bubble” competitors and ten best cypher dancers walked away with winnings. Over forty bboys and bgirls earned prize money, with the champion receiving $1,050 in cash and an $850 Movado Bold luxury watch.

The competition narrowed to its final two competitors, Bboy Gravity (5 Crew Dynasty) and Bboy Atlas (True Aggressions). It was a matchup between one of the most recognized bboys worldwide and a long-time veteran with eyes on an upset. The competitors went back and forth for three rounds, with each building in intensity. The judges made decisions after every exchange, with Atlas and Gravity even past the first round. Atlas then took a slight lead through their second exchange bringing the entire room to their feet. The anticipation grew as Gravity came out hard for his final throw down. Atlas responded with an immense burst of energy and a sequence of moves no one had seen from him before! His efforts proved victorious as the judges named Bboy Atlas the champion of the “Going Away Jam.”

The energy throughout the entire event was unprecedented. The community unified under one roof and showered Juan, Knuckles, and Lem with all their respects and thanks. The event was a huge success for a multitude of reasons, most importantly it paying homage to our own. The “Going Away Jam” set the tone for what will follow throughout 2014, and everyone who attended knows it is time to hit the lab. With the $100,000 Pro Breaking Tour on the horizon, they understand 2014 presents a big step for the community where the bboys and bgirls can create hiphop history!



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Story written by MoonCricket

I have been documenting bboys and bgirls and all style of hiphop dance since 1989.
I have watched the cyphers get bigger and the contest grow in crowds. Some events are organized well enough for all to see and to get a good camera angle. Some events get so crowded with everyone standing up I can’t see so I sometimes give up and put my camera away and just have fun and dance. People then ask where is your camera and I say well i can’t see so I rather have fun and dance. I use to have a very nice fancy boom and dolly back in 1997 and used it at a few bboy jams until it got stolen in 2000. Eventually after many upgrades of camera’s and lens through out the years I started using a monopod since cameras were small enough to reach over the crowds if I didn’t get the good front row seating. The more crowded more jams got the more I would leave my camera at home and just dance on the side during the battles to make up for some lost time of filming more than dancing. So by the time I started using a quad-copter aerial cinema photography camera I was thinking right away what I can do with it. First thing I filmed right after getting confidence to film over people was the Mighty 4 day in Fremont, CA at the start of summer. Footage I still need to post but that footage was not as smooth because I didn’t have the steady gimbal yet. The cypher was small and I had fun dancing but I had even more fun flying over the cypher and performances with out having to worry about rushing to get a front row spot. I use FPV googles and a LCD screen on my remote control that allows me to see what the GoPro sees capturing the event from above. I started filming more dance events, concerts and just about anything that would be cool to fly over. The great thing about viewing dancers from above is for one you get that cinematic cool view of a slider, boom crane all in one where no real helicopter can ever get into tight spaces like I can with my flying rig. I always imagined of flying a camera since I wrote my documentary script “The Bboy Connection back in the mid 90s. I added it to my budget to hire an RC aerial photographer to film my intro scene in New York. That budget was over $8,000 for that to happen and that is not including the NYC permits that you have to pay as well. So now that these flying rigs are now small enough and more affordable for low budget indy filmmakers like myself, this was the perfect tool for me to get. We are now in that future of Skynet in the bboy world more I’m sure you will get use to seeing drones above you while battling. Some say it can be distracting as it is new that people pay more attention to the flying camera sometimes more than the dancers. After a few flights then they slowly adjust and focus on the battle and the dancers enjoy when I fly low enough because the propellers blow cool air on them keeping them cool.

BlessingWatch one of my videos below peace -Mooncricket-





A few months ago, Justen was selected to play the main role in a mineral water commercial for the brand SIDI ALI (Located in Morocco / North Africa). Under the wing of Daniel Campos, also known as Bboy Cloud in the bboyworld, they started working together, knocking out the script and the results speak for themselves. We all know Justen as a top dancer but nobody expected his acting skills and confidence to be so well developed that he would make it look as easy as he does. Justen has proven that bboys can do more then dancing alone





The first ever Breakin’ World Series took place in Montpellier (FRA) on December 7.
Top 9 Crew from Russia became the first ever champions, beating Korean crew Morning of Owl in an epic final that included two tie-breaks.
The Breakin’ World Series introduced a revolutionary new video battle format that has rocked the Bboy community.  This unique approach to the battle format brought the city of Montpellier alive for an entire week, as eight top Bboy/Bgirl crews had one week in Montpellier with a cameraman/video editor and a beat producer to produce a single video clip. These clips made up the Breakin’ Video Series and were screened at the event and judged on performance and video production by an elite judging panel. The resulting ranking determined the order of the traditional onstage breaking battles (8 vs 8). The winning crew was ecstatic and loved the new format: “It is the first time we’ve won in France. We’ve won everywhere but here. Creating the videos also provided us with an opportunity to showcase what we do. This is the future,” said Resky of Top 9 Crew.
“It was special and something totally different – the crews really introduced their own international style to the videos,” said Bboy Ducky, one of the judges.
The concept was developed by Association Attitude (organizers of BOTY International 2010,’11,’12): “ Breakin’ World Series is a revolution in the battle format – by introducing the video concept, it allowed the crews to stay together for a week and encouraged exchanges between crews and crewmates. The videos produced are great for the crews to use in the future, perfect for promoting themselves as well as the city!” explains event organizer Thomas Raymond.  Top 9 Crew also won the Breakin’ Video Series .©Bricks_Breakin-World-Series04

Their video, directed by GoDoPro, with music by Space Kid won the title of “Best Video”. All Breakin’ World Series videos will be released on the Breakin’ World Series Youtube Channel soon. For more info, check

out www.breakinworldseries.com.

$100,000 Pro Breaking Tour 2014 (Two Events)


This year was already a great year! Lots of events and opportunities have been given to our scene. With 2014 around the corner, it looks like 2014 is going to be crazier than 2013. For the 1st time in USA history Silverback Bboy Events and Freestyle Session will host a pro tour in the USA, giving away $80,000 in CASH & $20 000 in prizes (2 x  $10,000 Breitling watches). Now that’s what I call Beast mode!!! (More details ready below).
$100,000 Pro Breaking Tour 2014
Register Free through 2014: www.udeftour.org/register/
$100,000 Pro Breaking Tour 2014 (Two Events)
§  Presented by Freestyle Session and Silverback Bboy Events
§  The Pro Breaking Tour is a property of the Urban Dance & Educational Foundation (“UDEF”), a nonprofit corporation
§  To be eligible to compete in Tour Events, competitors will need to register online as Tour Competitors (free through 2014): www.udeftour.org/register/
§  Anyone can register as a Tour Supporter (also free through 2014), but Tour Supporters are not eligible to compete in Tour events
2014 Pro Breaking Tour Outline:
·Qualification is ‘show and prove’ at each event, with the top 16 qualifying from a showcase at each event.
·The Tour will hire the judges and pay them, as well as the prize money.





Earlier today i woke up and read the devastating news that the Graffiti Mecca of the world, 5 Pointz, located in Long Island City, Queens, New York, was painted over & whitewashed last night by the owners Jerry and David Wolkoff with police protection.
In my humble opinion, the decision to paint over these walls for the building of condos was poor, as well as executed in a rather disrespectful, tasteless manner


Over the weekend, hundreds, including myself, rallied there to support saving not only the art on those walls, but a place we consider to be a landmark, preserving a lifestyle of culture, music, and good moral among those who’ve visited. The turnout was a peaceful gathering done in good nature, just like everything else 5 Pointz exhibits time and time again.

I’m deeply saddened by what’s happened to the walls and even more sad for those who’ve worked so hard to preserve them. I could only imagine what Meres & the rest of the staff are feeling at this moment.

To the many worldwide who have visited 5 Pointz, it leaves you taking home something more than just a photograph. The bright colors and abstract art give you a feel of what New York is/was in art, design, people, and music. If you’ve had a chance to visit the site, consider yourself among the lucky who’ve gotten to see the beauty and now, legend, that once was considered “5 Pointz”.

RIP 5 Pointz

-Jus Daze

To see more photos & read more on this, visit the Untapped Cities Article Here: http://bit.ly/1fSBwQg

Visit the Official 5 Pointz Website Here: http://www.5ptz.com
& https://www.facebook.com/pages/5-Poin… for more info about the historic landmark and preserve it’s memory until these walls are rebuilt.

Bboy ALIWOOD Directing Doritos Commercial! MUST SEE!!!


One of the best things about being involved in the BBOY community is seeing each other grow. People grow as dancers, grow as a crew, and grow in the career path of their choice. It’s always dope to see someone from the streets make it in any industry on a professional level. Our communitaliwoody always has aspiring talented individuals on the break through. This is the community where you can make a name for yourself. The individual support gained here can go a long way in terms of accomplishments. We as a community need to support each other through our life journeys and always remember where we come from… the BBOY WORLD.

Bboy ALIWOOD, CEO of RHC Entertainment & Co-Founder of ALL OUT Bboy Jam, has been directing music videos and commercials for major companies. He is currently battling in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Competition. Please take a moment and support another Bboy on the grind.




It’s an event the Bboy community are eagerly awaiting – the first ever Breakin’
World Series. The new contest, taking place at Montpellier’s (FRA) Zénith Sud on
December 7, 2013, has developed a unique approach to the battle format that promises
to rock the Hip Hop community and bring the city of Montpellier alive for an entire

For the Breakin’ World Series, eight of the world’s top Bboy/Bgirl crews will have
one week in Montpellier with a cameraman/video editor and a beat producer to produce
a single video clip. These clips make up the Breakin’ Video Series and will be
screened on December 7th at the Zénith Sud, and judged on performance and video
production by an elite judging panel that includes Bboy Lilou and Bboy Lamine. The
resulting ranking will determine the order of the traditional onstage breaking
battles (8 vs 8).

The concept, developed by Association Attitude (organizers of BOTY International
2010,’11,’12) aims to introduce an essence of Hip Hop missing from top breaking
events – the streets. By making video production and presentation an integral part
of the Breakin’ World Series, the crews can realize their full potential and make
the streets their stage. Don’t miss out on the action! Book your ticket here
(http://breakinworldseries.com/en/?page_id=88). There will be a live stream online
from 8pm till 11:30pm CET, so if you can’t make it, be sure to tune in!

Crews participating in the Breakin’ World Series 2013

Bboy World Crew – New York (USA)
Top 9 Crew – St. Petersburg (Russia)
Morning Of Owl – Suwon (South Korea)
The Ruggeds – Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Found Nation – Tokyo (Japan)
Brasilian Team – São Paulo (Brazil)
Shake Styles – Barcelona (Spain)
Melting Force – Saint-Etienne (France)

Hip Hop World Parties:
There will be free evening programs during the whole week before this unique
competition (from 2nd – 6th December) based on the different elements of the Hip Hop
Culture. These events will unite both spectators as well as Hip Hop professionals:

Hip Hop Evening Programs:
From Mon 2nd – Thur 5th December,
music battles between beat producers from different countries will take place.
(Venues: O’Sullivans and the Victoire 2)

From Mon 2nd – Wed 4th December, 80 dancers will have the chance to benefit from
international expertise during open workshops held by big names such as Bboy Mohamed
Belarbi and Bboy Ducky.
(Venue: CCN – National Center of Choreography – Montpellier)

Warm Up Party: Friday 6th Dec @11pm

After Party: Saturday 7th Dec @9pm

Ticket sales: http://breakinworldseries.com/en/?page_id=88
€25 pre-sale
€31 at the door

Breakin’ Video Series at a glance:

8 filming spots: cultural and historical sites, as well as industrial wasteland
around Montpellier

5 days of filming and editing

Video format / length: 5 to 7 minutes

Judging criteria:
– 4 criteria relate to filming and video production: shots, scenario, music and
– 4 criteria relate to the basic Breaking categories: toprock/uprock,
footwork/legwork, freezes and powermoves

Thieves break into Break Free community center


HOUSTON (KTRK) — A community center that helps at-risk youth keep out of trouble has found itself in trouble. Someone broke into the facility, taking money and computers. But one important thing was left behind.

The damage from the break in is clear to see at the Break Free community center.

“They broke our windows, stole our computers, they stole our iPads. They stole other equipment that is very beneficial for our facility and all the programs we do here at Break Free,” said Moy Rivas with Break Free.

On a normal day, Rivas teaches kids five and up about positive hp hop culture, dance and creative expression as a way for kids to change their lives.

But on that day, the program’s executive director is picking up the pieces left behind by someone who desperately needs to hear the center’s message.

“We cannot let anything slow us down, so we are here for our community. We are here for our youth, and they are the next generation so we are going to do everything we can do in our will and in our hearts to give back to them,” Rivas said.

The center has been operating since 2011 and so far hundreds of kids have come through the doors.

Apparently, those who broke in cut the alarm and smashed a main window.

While the kids who come here will be walking past a boarded up window, organizers say those coming to Break Free will not miss out on anything else.

“It a small thing happening to something so great, so we cannot let this small thing affect us. We are very passionate about what we do so those things are very valuable, but at the end of the day, what’s more valuable is what we are doing with our community,” Rivas said.