Don’t play yourself

When I was 11 years old I learned what hip hop really is and I also learned by observing that there was other people that did not really know what hip hop is but still loved hip hop. Breaking is 1 element in hip hop, but to be a true bboy you must respect all the elements and practice them aswell. We used words such as ‘FRESH’, ‘DOPE’, ‘INCREDIBLE’, ‘DYNAMIC’, ‘BURNED’ and of course ‘WACK’ or ‘TOY’. Now if your peers or other people watching you break complimented you with one of those words, you knew then you were breakin the way it should be done. Or the way it should not be done. I came to this jam to remind the hip hop community that there is a way to do this dance, this element of hip hop, breakin/bboyin. Stay true to the dance. Don’t over saturate the dance, ‘don’t play yourself’ was a huge part of breakin when I grew up. Meaning: if I just battled some one today in NYC at a jam, then the next week im in Japan battling another dude doing the same exact moves, the same exact way I did them in NYC. ‘YOU’RE PLAYIN YOURSELF’, ‘YOU’RE PLAYIN YOUR MOVES’, you can tell it’s choreographed movments, don’t do that! If you battle go home and practice until you get new moves get new ways to go into your old shit so it looks different, so people say that was FRESH, not that was AMAZING. IN HIP HOP WE DIDN’T USE words such as HE’S AMAZING, OR HE WAS STRONGER THEN THE OTHER GUY SO HE WON. No, no, no, no, no. Y’all got it all wrong in breakin your supposed to BURN THE GUY YOUR BATTLING so when y’all leave THE JAM YOU are like ‘yo we burned those TOYS’ not ‘yo we won the competition’. Don’t play yourself. Don’t play hip hop. Be hip hop.”
– Flea Rock (Skill Methodz)

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