First ever Indian Hip Hop Fest – july 18-19-20


CHENNAI: Here’s a shout out to all of Chennai’s movers and shakers. Gear up for the country’s first ever Indian Hip Hop Fest slated for July 18, 19 and 20. With crews flying in from all over country and a range of events including a rap session, beatboxing and even a Superhero Bboy battle for the kiddies — you may want to block your calendar for a glimpse of the action even if you’re one of those peeps with two left feet.

According to organiser and Bboy, Phani Kumar, “The festival has already been happening within just Chennai for the last four years.” It was called the Chennai Street Festival. “But now we want to make it bigger, and the response from crews right from Mumbai and Delhi to even Kerala has been just overwhelming,” he states. This year, he’s partnered with the Catalyst Art Foundation and the Goethe Institute for the three-day fest. As for the tweens signed up to dance off in that aforementioned ‘super’ battle, we have to wonder…who’s expected to take part? Phani responds with a laugh, “So far, Spiderman, Wolverine and would you believe it…Shakthimaan!”


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