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    I hear that in Croatia there is one bboy who will put end on this 90' problem and send all of this babys home to go practice....
    soon coming out on youtube just a little bit, but if you whant to see all you need to by a DVD "NEW GENERATION OF 90'" to se what is posible to do with 90' witch is comming out soon. Be ready for that and be shure to reserve a copy for your self...
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    Save one for me bro.. I heard some nasty stories about that gay. He is spinning so fast that it looks like he is standing on the place.
    "Nek' ti kušin bude stiiinaaaa!!!!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by lord tweex View Post
    I think it's 56 or so..
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    yo guys check this clip out cico 27 spins of 90 if i counted corectly YouTube - CICO - NEW WORLD RECORD
    Doesn't mean punisher hasn't acomplished something amazing, i think these two are the only ones in the world with that many spins

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