How do you like your breaks: boylin’ or halfbaked?

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Are you stuck to classic breaks or is your mind open to get down to freshly made breaks? In this last case you should be copping MistaSweet’s very first release “Boylin’ Breaks” on 7” vinyl!

MistaSweet has been producing hiphop and breakbeats for quite some years and you probably know some of his productions if you’ve been at some bboy jams or battles. His most appreciated song is the hardcore bboy remix of Nina Simone’s “Ain’t Got No”, which featured also on the Swotteam’s album “Bbird Breaks”.

Since the demand for this song was so enormous he decided to put it out on record for other DJ’s to spin this song too. Next to this popular bboy anthem there are two songs which he produced for the Swotteam’s mixtape “Worldwide Bboy Food”: an Arabian flavored track called “(Ewa, Get Down To) The Couscous Groove” and a spicy break called “Cuban Sigar Side Dish”. To complete his first single, he made a brandnew break track “Do The Same Thing” to put on the wax.

If you are a bboy or DJ or just a lover of the funky stuff on vinyl, you better get your copy (or copies) of “Boylin’ Breaks” before they run out! Expected release date is 14 september. So get in touch and order your limited edition vinyl and enjoy some fresh breaks to enhance your life and dance!!


Listen to the snippets here:



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