Lean Rock’s Music & DJ Equipment Stolen! Please Help If You Can!

This week i came across a disturbing trend that sadly is gaining popularity within our community, people jacking other peoples shit! Hey we all know life aint easy these days but stealing from your own people wont fix whatever situation you in, First Strife Tv became a victim of theft ,and now its Dj leanrock. whoever did this cant imagine the impact this has on the person who stuff is stolen, most of the time the material things are replaceable but just the idea that its somebody who you might just talk to or was at the jam has done it, can drive you nuts, im calling upon the power of the scene to help find these scumbags who did this and bring em to the bboy court ( bronx style).

Also those who wanna get brother lean rock back on his feet, donate directly to his paypal account see details below. so we can keep enjoying his music at jams and mixtapes



Bboyworld President

“This past weekend our friend DJ Lean Rock got his music & DJ equipment stolen at a bboy event in Switzerland. Please help him by donating to”


Any donation will receive a collection of DJ Lean Rock’s mixtapes and personal thank you.

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