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101 Tribe. A crew founded by 2 taggers in Pasadena, California,1993. DEPT & THAIR aka DEE ROC & STUNTMAN.

OSA (Originality Stands Alone) is a quote taken directly from something DEE ROC would say. STUNTMAN adopted it and can trace its echoes back to 1996, even though it was said before that.

By the late 90’s 101 had died down and many members quit. Stuntman had been rolling solo and building with many dancers throughout California. Though his goal was to be down with Style Elements Crew, he would travel and enter battles. On a few occasions he entered battles as Originality Stands Alone. It was not a crew yet a state of mind that was being pushed. By 2000 Stuntman was an official SEC member, but had build a huge relationship with both RawbZilla and Midus. Any time this guys entered they would enter as OSA. Sometimes even including other dancers; Battle Tactics, Freestyle Session, Ice Breaker just to name a few. Most notable was Lords of the Floor 1 & 2, where RawbZilla and Stuntman left a Huge mark.

Throughout the 2000’s the 3 continued to push the envelope of Originality, as well as their own agendas. International travel, titles, battles, and a video called DETOURS also aided in the spread of the movement.

In early 2000 a performance group named Hope in Hollywood was born. Years later Stuntman would rename it OSA (One Step Ahead). Still active to this day with theatre, film, and performance, the main members were Marissa Labog (Mighty), Roberto Lambaren (RawbZilla), and Ricky RocAny (Stuntman).

Now fast forward to 2008. Germany BOTY pre-party. A Spaniard named Artis steps to Stuntman and an exchange takes place. A very respectful relationship begins between the 2. Artis expresses his OSA following and asks to be put in. Again OSA is not a crew, but a movement. It’s almost safe to say you don’t get in you get down! The bond between these dancers led to the birth of Furious Styles Crew Spain Chapter. An Arizona crew birthed in 1993; Stuntman runs the Cali chapter and Artis the Spain one…


Through the years many people approached OSA in hopes of “getting in”, but there’s nothing to get in to. In 2010 a young dancer from Texas named PawFlo met Stuntman at Vicious Germs anniversary. A vibe clicked right away and they became friends. PawFlo later asked to be down. Down indeed.

Last few years the collective known as OSA have been making ripples.

RawbZilla is an active member of Master Movements Crew, who have a rich history with 101. He also runs a bistro and is a member of a prestigious dance company named Heidi Deckler. He’s married and owns a house in Pasadena.

Midus, now a member of Style Elements Crew, is very involved with his community and has relocated to his motherland, Armenia.


PawFlo, a member of Sole Power is super active in Texas. Throwing jams, performing, and battling. Artis still runs FSC Spain where he teaches, performs, battles, and is throwing their 4 year anniversary.
Stuntman? Well Stuntman has been quite the busy guy… He continues to repp FSC Cali, is associate director of One Step Ahead, who have sense recruited Lady LeX, Ace, and Odin Rock, and is Style Elements Crew. He also works for a non-profit after school organization. He is a father and newly proud grandfather. He trains, teaches, and competes as much as he can.

Late 2013 Stuntman with the guidance of Midus and blessings from all involved, launched a clothing line. OSA Clothing. Originality Stands Alone has made the leap. The last few months have been real busy. Have a full running web site and web store. Vending when available and, most recently, in collaboration with Bboy Summit their first event. The movement is real!

Be on the lookout. Support your global originals. Stand with us.

Visit www.osadance.com
or shop directly at osaclothing.madefreshly.com

better known as
*Style Elements*
Furious Styles Crew

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