Red Bull BC One France Cypher: a surprise called Noé


In front of more than a thousand people gathered at La Cigale (Paris), Noé won the French qualifier for the Red Bull BC One. Under thunderous applause, he got his ticket to the European qualifier to be held in Helsinki, before the world finals in Paris at the end of the year. Selected in March during the Red Bull BC One Cypher Toulouse, Noé was kind of an outsider tonight. Facing him, world renowned dancers but also long time Red Bull BC One competitors, like Franklin or Abd-L. But the originality of his style made the difference: after an endless succession of dazzling moves, he won to one of the favorites, Dany.


In front of an over excited crowd, 16 dancers competed all night in a highly charged atmosphere, cheered by speakers Momoze and Sidney (who, 30 years from here, created the very first hip-hop dance tv show in France). Composed of young dancers, hip-hop specialists but also families, here to discover and enjoy the energy of the breakdance, the audience was literally struck by the intensity of the show, waving at Tonio’s or Dany’s humor, Franklin’s technical moves or Pac Pac’s style, the youngest competitor of the contest. For them, as for the dancers, the Red Bull BC One France Cypher was an unforgettable experience.


They couldn’t stop watching the cypher, fascinated by the creativity, the technique and the style of the competitors, under the eye of an international jury composed of Mounir, Lilou and Pelezinho. A few days before the contest, Mounir had coached some dancers, including Noé, with his program Objectif Red Bull BC One. Noé then offered an original breakdancing style, perfectly balanced between technique and musicality. Young, atypical, he emerged as the man of the day!

Competitors - PerformanceBut there’s a new challenge opening for the winner: first selected in Toulouse before winning tonight, he will now face his European counterparts on October 11th in Helsinki. He will be accompanied by two “wild card” French dancers drafted among tonight’s participants.

Last but not least: if he wins in Helsinki, he will face some of the best dancers in the world during the world finals, to be held in Paris on November 29th. To date, only one dancer had been able to go through all the steps: French b-boy Mounir, in 2012. Is Noe ready to meet the challenge?

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