Because i love breaking – Ricardo Fernandez Jr aka Bboy Speedylegs



In 1986, he came up with the name Hip Hop Elements for a live performance piece. In 1992, he launched the clothing line and started getting involved with community Hip Hop events. In 1996, Speedy Legs founded the Bboy Masters Pro-Am with Zulu Gremlin. It was the first and only annual battle in the United States at the time, the first Bboy conference in the world and the only event that innovated separate dance categories for Bboys, Bgirls, Crews, Poppin’, Lockin’, UpRockin’, Power Moves, Bonnie & Clyde, Veteran and Abstract dance styles.

While he mostly grew up in Miami, he spent the later half of the 1980′s and early 1990′s living in New York and pursuing his dreams of battling the originators of the dance. It was during this time that he grew close roots and won the respect of organizations like Zulu Nation and members of historical Bboy crews. While the scene in New York was dying out, Speedy Legs returned to Florida, started the Pro-Am with Zulu Gremlin, and put Miami on the map by inspiring a whole new generation of bboy superstars in crews like: Street Masters, Ground Zero, Flipside Kings, Skill Methodz, Illmatic Flow, Unique Styles, Mind 180, Future Force, Raw Meat and many more. His website, was also one of the first Hip Hop Dance websites on the net, up since 1999. Once the host of his own radio show and a DJ since 1987, Richard was constantly working as an entertainer and deeply involved with the community. Mr. Fernandez spent 15+ years teaching dance classes to underpriviliged children and young adults at centers like the Hollywood Police Athletic League, The Boys & Girls Club and various Miami recreation centers. Local newspapers and television stations have done story after story about his efforts to keep kids off the streets and involved in positive recreational activities.



July 2013, the American Consulate General Jerusalem brought Ground Zero Crew on a diplomatic dance mission to Israel. Every day for one week the troupe taught fundamentals, power moves, battle tactics, advanced threads, character and stage presence to 40 plus Palestinian youths in Nablus on the West Bank, ages 10-25, culminating in a showcase at the University of Nablus.

It was a very moving, inspirational, and transformational trip that illustrated the transcendentalism of dance, that unites through music, rhythm, and spirit. BBoying has enabled us to connect with the young Hip Hop culture in an area otherwise sanctioned and off limits to actual physical contact to foreigners. The

kids were full of light, love, and ambition, and a supreme pleasure to work with!

GZTV.EP 1, Features clips of the Nablus show starring; BeBe, ZOOB, Ghost (Lions of Zion), Richie Rich (Full Force, Super Crew, Step Feinz), and MIX Team (Nablus), plus an exclusive Tel Aviv session w Artik