The 14th edition of Red Bull BC One ignited Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, where 3,000 breakdance lovers packed the venue to find out who would be crowned the new world champion.

Dutch Red Bull BC One All Star Menno, who took the title of in 2014 in Paris, reclaimed his title in front of a delirious home crowd! How awesome is that! He was one of the favorites and lived up the expectations. With his energetic and creative style he took all his rounds by full conviction, ending up in finals against Wing which he won unanimously. Recapturing the title of World Champ has only been done by two others, All Stars Lilou and Hong 10.

Title defender Issei from Japan lost his second round against Wing, leaving the title on the floor for someone else. For the first time ever this year, there was a B-Girl in the line-up, Ayumi from Japan. She is one of the best B-Girls internationally and has proved herself in big competitions, both solo and with her crew Body Carnival. She lost with one vote against Kill, who lost to Menno in the next round.

Just before the final battle of the night, Grammy award-winners Naughty By Nature took over the stage and performed some of their biggest hits, including classics Uptown Anthem, Craziest and Hip Hop Hooray, and getting the crowd on their feet.

The title-deciding battle was filled with killer moves, excitement and an energetic crowd. Wing confronted Menno in a battle where technical skills, style and flow were the most important thing.

In the end though, it was local Dutch breaker Menno who walked away with the title, thanks to a winning combination of inventiveness and precision that won the hearts and minds of the judging panel and capacity crowd.

“I’m super happy with this win. I proved that I’m still relevant, that’s what I like so much about breaking that you can keep developing and learning. I had a hard time battling Wing since he’s a friend of mine. I tried to close myself off to not get distracted and focus on doing my thing.”

In the judges seats were Crazy Legs (USA), Hong 10 (KOR), Niek (NED), Intact (UKR) and AT (FIN). They did not have an easy job and some battles were really close. With a three to two vote some battles could have easily gone the other way.

Crazy Legs: “Sometimes when judging you’re looking for mistakes when the level is really close. With Menno, it was the variety of moves, combined with the right amount of power that made him took the win over Wing. He also managed to keep his intensity very consistent.”

Niek: “Menno showed again he is able to deliver under pressure. His flow was unstoppable, he took the initiative and brought fresh content to every battle, dominating all his rounds. Rightful winner for sure!”




The first ever Breakin’ World Series took place in Montpellier (FRA) on December 7.
Top 9 Crew from Russia became the first ever champions, beating Korean crew Morning of Owl in an epic final that included two tie-breaks.
The Breakin’ World Series introduced a revolutionary new video battle format that has rocked the Bboy community.  This unique approach to the battle format brought the city of Montpellier alive for an entire week, as eight top Bboy/Bgirl crews had one week in Montpellier with a cameraman/video editor and a beat producer to produce a single video clip. These clips made up the Breakin’ Video Series and were screened at the event and judged on performance and video production by an elite judging panel. The resulting ranking determined the order of the traditional onstage breaking battles (8 vs 8). The winning crew was ecstatic and loved the new format: “It is the first time we’ve won in France. We’ve won everywhere but here. Creating the videos also provided us with an opportunity to showcase what we do. This is the future,” said Resky of Top 9 Crew.
“It was special and something totally different – the crews really introduced their own international style to the videos,” said Bboy Ducky, one of the judges.
The concept was developed by Association Attitude (organizers of BOTY International 2010,’11,’12): “ Breakin’ World Series is a revolution in the battle format – by introducing the video concept, it allowed the crews to stay together for a week and encouraged exchanges between crews and crewmates. The videos produced are great for the crews to use in the future, perfect for promoting themselves as well as the city!” explains event organizer Thomas Raymond.  Top 9 Crew also won the Breakin’ Video Series .©Bricks_Breakin-World-Series04

Their video, directed by GoDoPro, with music by Space Kid won the title of “Best Video”. All Breakin’ World Series videos will be released on the Breakin’ World Series Youtube Channel soon. For more info, check