Top Notch 2014 Review


Big shout outs to Kennedy Center for sponsoring the event! Shout out to One Mic Festival for collaborating with Words Beats Life! Big thanks to Rokafella, Narumi, and Ghost for judging the event with me! It was an honor to judge alongside all of you! Thanks to all 8 invited crews (HAVIKORO, Massive Monkees, Dynamic Rockers, 360 Flava, Supreme Breaks, Boogie Brats, Fallen Kingz, Universal Alchemy) who came through to support and made the battles super hype! DJ Fleg killed it on the 1′s & 2′s! Shout outs also to Trus Real and Kwikstep for MCing and keeping the crowd live and engaged!

The event had an amazing turnout! B-boys and b-girls from all over came out to support and battle. There had to have been about a total of 1,500-2,000 people going in and out throughout the whole event! Lots of families came to have their kids participate in my “Intro to Breaking” workshop and both Narumi and Rokafella’s advanced workshops were completely full.

The battles were hype and at the highest level ever I think within the DMV scene. Fallen Kingz, Morris & Kareem, had a rough start but managed to pull through with the win for $10,000! Boogie Brats, El Nino & Vicious, took home the 2nd place prize of $2,000! There weren’t any complaints about the judges’ calls during the battles except for when Goofball & Assassin lost and when Benny & Tiger lost. Those two crews seemed to be the crowd favorites!

One of the battles from Top Notch filmed by Stance:
Boogie Brats vs. Massive Monkees

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